Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, please find below a range of FAQ’s and our responses. If you cannot find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly, expert team are always more than happy to help:
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Why choose Motorfinity?
Working directly with all the major motoring manufacturers, Motorfinity is fast to react to the changing marketplace and is best placed to secure fantastic deals as new models are released.
Our 'One Stop Shop' philosophy enables us to deliver the best customer service possible, keeping it simple, convenient, and offering incredible value.
Team Motorfinity receive an 'EXCELLENT' rating on Trust Pilot. We embrace diversity and are more than happy to go the extra mile for all our customers.
Do you sell used cars?
No, we only source brand-new cars
Am I the first owner of the vehicle?
Yes. All new cars are registered in your name as the purchaser of the vehicle and you will be the first registered owner.
Can I order a car to my own specifications?
Yes. You can have the car built with your chosen specifications to suit your requirements. Our supplier will provide you with a fully discounted quote with money taken off the options too. If free metallic is available, we will also pass that on to you! The good news is that options are usually also discounted in-line with the same level of discount you get on the car.
Who are the manufacturer approved suppliers?
All our suppliers are manufacturer approved and authorised. We work with specialist suppliers who are appointed to manage the sales and verify eligibility for the manufacturing brands. We also work directly with local franchise dealerships and on behalf of manufacturers directly. We believe that convenience is paramount to our customers and our suppliers all work with this in the forefront of their mind.
Are the cars UK specification?
All our cars are built to UK specification and come with the standard manufacturer's warranty. The cars supplied are no different to the cars supplied by your local franchise dealership albeit they come with an exclusive price tag.
What is PCP finance?

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) offers fixed monthly repayments and the ability to change your car every few years.

You pay an initial deposit, followed by monthly repayments, (how many depends upon the term), and at the end of the agreement you have three options:

  • Hand the car back to the dealer and walk away.
  • Exchange your car for a new model and renew your PCP contract.
  • Buy the car outright by paying off the balloon payment of the finance.

The benefits of PCP finance:

  • Often lower monthly repayments compared to hire purchase or a personal loan.
  • The flexibility to change your car, keep it or walk away at the end of the term.

The disadvantages of PCP finance:

  • Not actually owning the car unless you pay the optional balloon payment.
  • An obligation to keep the car in good condition and properly serviced.
  • A risk of high costs if you need to leave the contract early, exceed your mileage limit or return the car with excessive wear and tear.
What finance options are available?

Yes. Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is available. If you are unsure which is right for you see our explanation below.

Our team will discuss the finance options with you that suit your circumstances. They would normally require the following information from you:

  • The type of finance you require (PCP or HP).
  • Your deposit.
  • Your annual mileage (for PCP agreements).
  • Your preferred term (usually 3 or 4 years).
What is HP Finance?

Hire Purchase, (HP), is a form of finance available if you wish to own the vehicle outright at the end of the agreement term.

After paying an initial deposit, the remaining value of the car is paid back in monthly instalments spread across an agreed term.

The benefits of HP finance:

  • You own the car outright at the end of the agreement term.

The disadvantages of HP finance:

  • Typically, higher monthly repayments than PCP finance.
  • You do not own the vehicle until the final payment is made.
  • Difficult to sell the vehicle before the finance is paid off.
What is your 'best price'?
We are often asked this question but, because the price is already massively discounted, we are offering a haggle-free service - the price is set.
I have outstanding finance on my current vehicle - can you help?

No problem! You can provide us with your latest settlement letter, and we will settle up the finance and pay you the difference or use this towards the deposit of your new car.

What if I owe the finance company more than my car is worth?
Sometimes this can happen. We offer a discretionary service where you pay Motorfinity the difference, we collect your car and settle up the finance all in one transaction when the car has been collected.
I currently own a vehicle - do you deal with part exchange?
Yes, our team will source the best deal they can for you on your used car. You can discuss this with your account manager when you are negotiating your agreement.
What are the delivery times from placing the order to doorstep delivery?
Because of the global chip shortage, factory-built orders are taking much longer than normal. When discussing your order, you will be advised about the ETA of your vehicle after your adviser has spoken directly to the manufacturer. It does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Do I collect my brand-new vehicle or is it delivered to me?
In most cases, free delivery of your brand-new vehicle is included to addresses in England and Wales. Charges may be applicable for Scotland deliveries. Your account manager will be able to confirm charges (if any) at the point of order. For Northern Ireland and Isle of Wight, delivery is available to the nearest mainland port.
Can I cancel my order at any time?
You can cancel your order and we are finding that any cancellations are being sold 'like hot cakes' because of the UK's shortage of brand-new cars in view of the global chip shortage.
Will I be charged if I cancel my order?
In the event of a cancellation of your order Motorfinity Group Ltd reserves the right to apply charges to cover the costs of the losses incurred as a direct result of the cancellation. The charges are typically four hundred pounds (£400 plus VAT) plus ten percent (10%) of the costs of any factory fitted options and any dealer fit accessories, including all costs to make good any and up to the full cost of damage caused by removal of such factory fitted options, dealer fit accessories if applicable plus VAT per vehicle.